Guns for Sale

ALL GUNS LISTED BELOW ARE  SUBJECT TO IN-SHOP SALE.  We will do our best to update this inventory as guns are sold, and apologize for any inconvenience if a gun is sold but still listed here.  NO RETURNS on any firearms sold. 

PLEASE NOTE - we do ordering of new guns!  If there is something you are interested in, please let us know and we'll give you a quote!  Call or e-mail the shop for more information on any of the below guns, or anything else new that you would like.


Cobra Derringer with interchangeable barrels...22 WMR, 25 acp, 32 acp, $275
Beretta 84 FS Cheetah 380 ACP, $550
Sigarms Sig SP 2340, .357 SIG, $450
Mossberg 715T 22LR with fixed stock and red dot sight, $250

In stock now...BRAND NEW for availability of Ruger LCR, LCP, LC9, LC380, SR9 and more pistols of various makes and models!

And WE HAVE AMMO in stock and ready to go


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